Monday, December 12, 2016

Arthritis and joint pain treatment: Movement will ease symptoms made worse by winter cold

ARTHRITIS, neck, shoulder and joint pain or lower back problems are suffered by thousands of people around the UK. While many people take medication to ease the symptoms - which often get worse in winter - experts believe the activities people do every day could be preventing people getting better.

Joint pain is experienced by most people in one way or another in their lives, but when it is experienced severely or over a long period of time, the effects on our wellbeing can be increasing negative.

Findings from the GSK 2016 Global Pain Index reveal that 52 per cent of people in the UK who suffer from joint pain say they cannot feel happy when they are in pain, three in every five - 71 per cent people - say pain makes them feel older than they are, and 67 per cent say pain impacts their overall quality of life.

Paul Smith, senior scientist, GSK Human Performance Lab said that the everyday actions of modern life could be to blame for making joint pain in later life worse.

“The cause of our joint pain can usually be found in the things we do in everyday life," he said. "For example, hairdressers are on their feet all day and constantly using one of their wrists to use the scissors.


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